Experience & Progress

Blago industry expertise

Experience & Progress - Our mission statement is the benefit of our customers. It is in the nature of things that experiences are gathered from a history that dates back to 1887. Old industries have evolved and new industries have been added. A successful company has to adapt to the circumstances. This has accumulated a lot of know-how, which we can apply industry-specific.


Agricultural machinery

The connection must be absolutely dense, because land is the highest good of the farmers. At the same time, the influence of rain, dirt and fertilizers must not be a reason for corrosion.

Leakage safety and surface protection have top priority.


Construction machinery is exposed to extreme conditions. Failures can not be avoided 100%. In such situations, speed is needed, because service life causes high costs.

Built-in components need to be quickly interchangeable, whether standard or customer parts.


The production processes of the transmission industry are mostly based on JIT (just-in-time) deliveries. These production processes must be supported by high reliability in terms of quantity, quality and time.


Logistics does not count the minutes, but the seconds. Accordingly, the hydraulic system must be able to react quickly. For heavy loads, hydraulic applications are still the best solution.


Continuous vibrations and high pressures are the standard conditions in the railway u. Rail technology. The systems have to work unconditionally.

Especially for such situations we invented the Trinova cutting ring. A patented connection technology for the highest security level


Large machines that have to do precise work also require precise systems. Support is provided by our components, which have a high degree of purity. Under no circumstances should dirt particles enter a hydraulic system.

Shipbuilding and offshore

On the high seas it can take a while until help arrives. Risks should be avoided and causes of fire minimized. Especially stainless steel in 1.4571 and also brass are proven materials for the applications in the marine industry.

Plant construction

High variety of parts, small quantities, fast availability. These are the requirements for plant construction. In order to do justice to this, a well-stocked warehouse must exist and a certain amount of know-how.