Quality designed in Germany


In order to meet our high quality standard, we only use material from certified suppliers. In addition, tests are carried out in our own laboratory.


Blago fittings are supplied in steel as standard. Straight types of glands are made of 11SMnPb30 (material number 1.0715). For elbow, T and cross fittings we only use forged material made of 11SMn30 (1.0718). Forged material offers considerable advantages in terms of strength and durability compared to profile material, due to the material compaction during forging and the favorable fiber flow in the blank.

Stainless steel

For fittings made of stainless steel, basically drawn or forged material is used. Nozzles are made of X10CrNiMoTi 18 10 (material no.: 1.4571, V4A) or AISI-316-ti.


Unless specified otherwise, brass fittings are supplied from CuZn40Pb2 (material no.: 2.0402, Ms58). Alternatively, special brass CuZn35Ni (material no .: 2.0540, SoMs59) is available. As with steel fittings, all non-straight types are made of forged material.

Surface protection

Steel Blago pipe fittings are supplied in the standard version with galvanic chromium IV-free thick layer of passivated zinc surface (silver). Our products are coated in state-of-the-art electroplating plants and clearly exceed the standards prescribed by DIN, ISO and SAE. Special surface treatments such as e.g. ZnNi coatings, A3C, phosphated or oiled, are available on request.